On this page... we get down to business.

THINKING GREEN is on track to begin public trading in the near future.

This page has links to targeted towards our investors including the Business Plan, our Technical Business Plan (400 pages), links to our Team of Professionals and our Document Library.

The Business Plan

Our most current and complete
business plan.

You can download a PDF of our Business Plan to your computer by clicking


You can see our SEC Circular filed with EDGAR by clicking


Technical Business Plan

Details ... Details ... Details

Our Technical Business Plan contains the "nuts and bolts" of our installations. This plan is extensively detailed and goes into specifics of each technology.

The Technical Business Plan is more than 400 pages and is not available to the general public. Please contact our office if you wish access to the Technical Business Plan.

Solid Management - Flexible Business Model
Fully Reporting - Thinking Green

Business Partners

Teamwork - Dedication - Excellence

We have assembled the "best of breed" professionals to manage our path onto the public markets. Our team has the expertise, the experience, the market awareness and network of resources to do the job right.

Each of our team members brings a wealth of contacts, pre-eminent reputations and extraordinary access to investors and funding.

The depth and strength of our team of professionals is, in some ways, as important as the strength of the business model.

Click on any of the names below to link to the respective website where you can learn more about each of our team members.

The right team
The right business model
The right management
The Path to Success