Thinking Green

THINKING GREEN stands apart from other greenhouse operations because our extensive use of technology. Our long list of technologies includes:
  • Modular construction
  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • On-Site water generation
  • Sun-tracking solar panels
  • High-tech LED lighting specifically engineered for plants
  • Robotic automation

High Tech

Our market includes almost every restaurant, caterer, retail market, food manufacturer and consumer for a hundred miles surrounding each installation.

Thinking Green has evaluated dozens of innovative modular structures and has selected a few best-of-breed structures. We will choose the most appropriate of these structures for the specific requirements of each individual installation.

One of our favorite structures is the Arizon Air Dome technology, which allows rapid construction, prefabricated modules and cookie-cutter buildings. For more information on this new style of construction please visit .

The Arizon Air Dome technology allows us to build a new facility and render it fully operational in approximately 6 months. The speed and ease of construction mean that thinking Green can expand to new markets quickly, easily, and with a minimum of new challenges. Arizon has posted a video walk-through that can be viewed HERE.


We will continuously evaluate new and innovative types of modular structures as they come on the market and will always use the structure most appropriate for each specific location.

Anaerobic Digesters

On-Site power generation.

Our Anaerobic Digesters will internally generate much of the energy for the facility operations will be internally generated. The generation of clean energy for equipment, heating and cooling, vehicles and operations will come from the organic wastes from the animals within the facility, organic waste from the hydro-aquaponics, local restaurants and grocers, etc.

This waste stream will be processed in an onsite anaerobic digester. Additional energy will come from the solar panels on the greenhouse.

Some of our installations may even produce enough energy to allow sale of the excess energy to the community.

Better Technology - Lower Cost of Production
Higher Quality Products - Thinking Green

LED Lighting

Leveraging Radical New Approaches.

We plan to use the latest LED lighting from Phillips, specially designed for indoor horticulture. These amazing lights generate different colors (with different effects on the plants) and deliver light from both the top AND the underside of the leaves.

These lights are super efficient while also delivering optimal light to the plants. For more information on these amazing lights click HERE.

Solar Power

We are evaluating the SIKA ENERGY sun tracking solar equipment to generate both heat and energy for our greenhouses. ( This system gathers the sun’s energy, heating and cooling the greenhouse, but DOES NOT BLOCK THE LIGHT.

Solar panels that track the sun for optimal exposure.

We will usually buy more acreage than we need for just the greenhouses. The 'extra' land will have solar farms installed with panels that track the sun. The panels will be scaled to accommodate the electricity needs that are not provided by the Anaerobic digesters.

On-Site Self-Contained
Water Generation

Air + Sun = Water

Because our facilities are “closed loop” we lose little water to evaporation, hence the challenge of replacing lost water is easily managed. We can easily replace what little water we consume with state of the art atmospheric water makers, desalination plants, local wells or municipal water depending on the location.

The latest self contained, solar powered atmospheric water makers promise up to 5,000 liters per day!


Snow Load

THINKING GREENS state-of-the-art modular structures allow us to operate in the heavy snow environments of the northern United States, Canada, Alaska and other challenging environments. Our ability to cope with highly challenging environments is important, as the demand in the markets is likely to be one of our strongest assets.

Our Air Dome structures can withstand 150 mph winds and snow loads of 50 lbs per square foot.


Research - Innovation - Results

The technologies that underlie the THINKING GREEN initiative are evolving faster than almost any other industry.

We expect huge advances in solar energy, water purification systems, bio-fuels and other key technologies over the coming years.

We will upgrade our technology infrastructure as these advances become commercially viable, leading to constantly increasing efficiency, productivity, profitability and...share price.