The market for THINKING GREEN's produce is multi-faceted and multi-sector.

The most obvious is direct marketing to the myriad local restaurants, grocers, chefs, farmers markets and direct private customers.

The THINKING GREEN facilities will be located in areas where fresh local, high quality produce is generally unavailable. Our target markets may have been forced to accept produce that:
  • was picked before it was ripe... and it "ripened" in a box on a truck
  • is very expensive because it was trucked or flown from distant farms
  • was grown with unknown levels of pesticides, hormones and other contaminates
  • was fumigated to kill pathogens and pests
  • is limited to a few basic fruits and vegetables, no exotic gourmet items
  • is only available when the item is "in season"; in the off seasons, these items are simply unavailable.


Our market includes almost every human, restaurant and food merchant for a hundred miles surrounding each installation.

In many markets, the vast majority of the food and meat is imported due to extreme climates, lack of water, dry conditions and other impediments. Yet many of these markets have a large population of consumers and gourmet chefs would love to have "designer" food produced specifically for their requirements through THINKING GREEN's facilities.

THINKING GREEN will also distribute branded product lines. For example; branded meat products (i.e. Omaha Steaks), or THINKING GREEN's branded health supplements from its production of medicinal and exotic herbs, and maybe even a branded fertilizer line (i.e. Scott's brand) using a direct distribution model.

THINKING GREEN will use the internet as a primary conduit for sales and interaction with its customers and communication with new potential clients.

A key growth strategy for THINKING GREEN is the analysis of locations domestically and internationally where new facilities can be established taking advantage of strong local demand and scarce availability.

Increasing the market and recognition of the THINKING GREEN brand will enable us to leverage our "local" advantage. This "local” approach gives us dramatically reduced fuel and transportation costs and can deliver a relatively monopolistic sales environment since our installations will be built in locations that are not conducive to "open field" or typical farm production of food (for example Dubai, Caribbean, Philippines).

Custom Delivery

Bespoke Produce.

THINKING GREEN's market includes high end restaurants, chefs, grocers, farmers markets and private customers. To access these markets, in-house and external commission compensated sales representatives and wholesale distribution firms will be used.

Dedicated commission based representatives, with special culinary training, will be assigned to the upscale restaurants, chefs and private individuals to promote our "designer" type approach to producing their food supplies. These clients will be invited to pre-order unusual, exotic varieties and types of produce custom grown to their specifications.

THINKING GREEN will also have its own retail produce market at each of its facilities. Customers can come and select fresh produce and meats and even have it delivered.

Finally, THINKING GREEN will use the direct sales and distribution to merchandise its products to retail stores and also to sell direct to customers over the internet similar to companies like Omaha Steaks, Scott's Brand Fertilizers.

  • Upscale Restaurants.

  • Gourmet Chefs.

  • Gourmet Food Packaging Companies.

  • Craft Breweries.

  • Direct Shipment to domestic and international end users.

  • Food Manufacturing Companies.

Better Nutrition - Better Environmental Stewardship
Minimal Environmental Impact - Thinking Green

Repeat Sales

Customer Loyalty is Key

Return sales and the generation of new sales will be key. Our customer loyalty/appreciation program will leverage state of the art data analytics and proven techniques to encourage customers purchase THINKING GREEN products time and time again.

Data analytics will be an important part of the ongoing sales plan, providing an efficient and cost effective way to focus on the most likely opportunities for the THINKING GREEN sales and marketing teams.